Children's Savings

Saving for you children today is a foundation for their future.

Whether you save a little or a lot, it can go a long way to setting them up with a pot of money useful for university fees, property purchase, their first car etc.

There are many children’s saving products on the market, our advisers can help you analyse products and recommend the best form of savings vehicle to suit your needs. This may be a Junior ISA, General Investment Accounts, National Saving and Investment accounts and Child Trust Funds.

Choosing how to save can be difficult and involves making decisions and optimising the options available to you. Adler Financial Planning can help guide you through the best strategies and products available to you and your children.

You many want the monies to be invested for capital growth if the monies are to be invested for the duration or simply held in a cash account where investment risk won’t affect the funds. Either way our advisers will advise you on which products suit your specific needs.

Our advisers will talk to you about how long you wish to save for, how much you can afford and whether you want the monies invested before making a recommendation of directing the funds.


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