Group Critical Illness

The diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer, a stroke or heart attack is a reality that many individuals have to face. However, with the right support many people diagnosed with a serious illness are able to make a full recovery and return to work.

Our group critical illness solution seeks to offer financial support to employees, helping them through their treatment and recovery. It offers a ‘living benefit’ to employees, providing a lump sum to help towards expenses such as treatment costs, nursing care, financial commitments or changes that their illness necessitates to their lifestyle or home.

Critical illness cover plays an important part in offering a full, reassuring benefits package. As independent financial advisers, we often use the phrase ‘peace of mind’. But in addition to seeing that their employer’s have made a commitment to the workforce, there is reassurance for employees in knowing that – if they have to make a successful claim – there’ll be some financial support to help their family at a difficult time.

The benefit can be tailored to vary the amount of cover per employee and eligibility for the scheme. Many ‘higher risk’ occupations can be included, allowing you to extend cover to a wider range of employees, who may not be eligible for other benefits.


  • Provides financial assistance to a valued workforce
  • Fosters good employer-employee relations
  • Contributions are treated as a tax-deductible business expense and enjoy corporation tax relief
  • Flexibility to select a level of cover to suit budget
  • Reassurance of a lump sum payment if a specified serious illness is diagnosed
  • Offers financial help and support during rehabilitation
  • Covers commonly suffered critical illnesses, including cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Benefit can be tailored to vary the amount of cover per employee and eligibility for the scheme.
  • Includes many ‘higher risk’ occupations , allowing the employer to extend cover to a wider range of employees
  • Family cover available for employees


  • We will quickly establish a holistic understanding of your business and its culture.
  • We will offer impartial advice on your group benefits strategy, to outline our intentions and abilities and to allow you the time to take on board all considerations.
  • We will work only with trusted providers and partners.
  • We will communicate with regular feedback and information on performance.


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