Retirement Strategies

Whether retirement is still in the distant future or something just around the corner we believe that helping our clients to be able to look forward to a financially secure retirement with confidence is central to our advisory proposition.

In making retirement plans, we now have to account for 30 more years, since roughly one in five of us will live past age 90. This in turn increasingly means looking at alternative options, and more integrated strategies for retirement income provision.

We will look to take a holistic view of your situation and firmly believe that retirement planning is about looking at all of your assets not simply pension schemes. This extended timeframe now can often mean downsizing and utilising other plans such as NISA’s and Offshore plans when creating your retirement plan.

Remember that once you’re retired, you live on a fixed income. There are no more raises, bonuses or employer contributions to your retirement plan. Even if you can afford your lifestyle today, you have to consider what’s going to happen over the next 30 years as prices inevitably climb, some years more than others. Will your investments produce enough income?

We can help with these decisions, and as most of our clients engage with us on an ongoing service package, we can then continue to monitor your income and assets to ensure you continue to enjoy a financially secure position, leaving you to relax and enjoy your increased leisure time with confidence.

As highly qualified Financial Planners we will be able to consider these options in light of your individual needs and map out the plans that are right for you. We will ensure you understand what your retirement income is likely to be and if you feel this is insufficient then we will explain and advise on the options available to address any shortfall.

So whether you are saving for retirement or at retirement and needing advice on your options why not give us a call today and allow us the privilege of helping you on the road to a secure and prosperous future.

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