Group PHI

Long term sickness of an employee can cause unpredictable financial costs and worries for a business. Do they stop paying them in their moment of greatest need or continue with an unproductive overhead in the hope that the employee is able to return to work?

A Group Income Protection policy will relieve financial stress by providing a source of income for the business to fund that employee long term sickness allowing them to pay the costs of short term or long term replacements.

Employers are given the option to choose the percentage of an employee’s salary they wish to cover, this will be up to a maximum 80% of salary, allowing them to continue paying the employee through their PAYE system at 50 % or 60 % of their previous salary and also cover the cost of the National Insurance and Pension contributions that may be payable.

Every policy is set up with a deferred period, this being the period where the firm will have to fully fund sick pay, which can be from 1 week to 52 weeks, during which time the company would continue to fund salary, at least at some level, after which time, the deferred period the Group PHI policy will become payable.

Our advisers at Adler Financial Planning will work with the most competitive providers and tailor a policy to suit your businesses individual needs.


  • Financial peace of mind for your employees, safe in the knowledge that their loved ones will be financially secure in the event of their death
  • Cost-effective group schemes
  • A multiple of salary or a fixed amount as a lump sum benefit to an employee’s family and dependants should they die in service
  • Bereavement counselling and probate helpline
  • Generous free cover limits – reducing the need for lengthy medical evidence
  • Implementation of the plan enhances employee relations
  • For registered occupational pension schemes, premiums are usually allowable as a business expense and enjoy corporation tax relief


  • We will quickly establish a holistic understanding of your current and future financial aims, your business and its culture
  • We will offer impartial advice on your pension and investment strategy, to outline our intentions and abilities and to allow you the time to take on board all considerations
  • We will work only with trusted providers and partners
  • We will communicate with regular feedback and information on performance

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