Savings & Investments

Whether you are saving for a specific goal, or just want the money you have already saved to work harder for you, we can deliver an investment solution based on your goals and aspirations.

Our Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) can provide you with financial planning and investment advice for regular and lump sum savings and investments. We help identify the right level of investment risk, asset allocation and tax efficient ways of investing. Full wealth management and cash flow forecasting strategies are also available.

Our IFAs offer completely unbiased investment planning and savings advice. They will talk to you about what you’re saving for, how long you have to save, and what you can afford to save, before making their recommendations. We’ll check the whole of the market to recommend the most appropriate home for your savings.

You may have an investment portfolio already or have a lump sum to invest which may have come from an inheritance or a maturing policy. You could be looking for capital growth, a regular income, or even a combination of both. The investment market can be extremely complex, so independent financial investment advice is essential to make sure your money is working hard for you.


We do not believe in chasing performance or attempting to second-guess the market. We adopt a structured and disciplined approach to investing which seeks to manage risk, target appropriate returns, minimise tax and help our clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

We believe that one of the most effective ways to catch opportunities and minimise risk is through diversification. By blending long and short-term asset allocation decisions through passive and active investment management, we seek to achieve broad diversification for our clients.

What we believe in:

  • An asset-allocation approach
  • In-depth market and fund research
  • Skilled fund managers who add value
  • A blended portfolio
  • Ongoing research and monitoring
  • Time in the market

What we don’t believe in:

  • Putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Trying to second-guess the markets
  • Taking bets with your money
  • Making emotional decisions
  • Following the herd
  • Merely looking at past performance


What can I expect once I contact the Adler Financial Planning?

  • An invitation to a free face-to-face review
  • A personalised investment planning report tailored to your individual financial requirements
  • Ongoing annual reviews, to check your portfolio is still meeting your requirements
  • Access to a dedicated independent financial adviser supported by a highly experienced and qualified investment management team
  • Simple and competitive pricing with no hidden charges so you will never be caught out by unexpected extra costs

I don’t have large savings, is it worth me contacting you?
Yes. If you already have investments elsewhere, are looking to invest more or are thinking of generating income from your pension, Adler Financial Planning can provide expert advice and recommendations. We also have a wide range of other products and services that may be suited to your other financial needs such as insurance, pensions, and mortgage advice to mention just a few.

What does asset allocation mean?
It simply means putting the right number of eggs in the right number of baskets; or, in investment terms, investing your money in the right amounts and in the right asset classes.

How are the right eggs and baskets identified?
Different assets tend to perform differently at different times and in different economic environments. The trick is to get the blend right. Using financial modelling, fund managers identify an ‘efficient’ asset allocation strategy to gain the maximum rewards for a given level of risk.


At Adler Financial Planning, our trusted independent financial advisers can provide you with the skills and choices to implement your own financial strategy, from inception through to execution. We do this by strictly honouring our service promise:

  • To understand the customer’s needs and to listen and reply in simple and concise English, without the use of jargon
  • To remain transparent, upfront and forthwith regarding our costs and fees
  • To present clear documentation outlining our services
  • To offer only those services that meet your needs and financial objectives
  • To present written confirmation of our recommendations
  • To provide a worthwhile service for life

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