Pensions and Retirement Planning

Let us give you the confidence to start planning your pension and retirement today.

Retirement may be a long way off for you at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. The sooner you start to plan for the future, the easier it is to build up the kind of money you need to enjoy the life you want. There are lots of different ways to save for your future, including pensions, investments and property. You might decide to focus on just one, or you could choose a combination of options to suit your lifestyle and personal needs.

We will guide you step-by-step through the decision process and myriad of options, so that you can make informed financial and retirement decisions that are right for your circumstances. We understand that purchasing a retirement product is an incredibly important personal and financial decision, so we work hard to help ensure you get that right.

Remember, all personal pension contributions are paid net of basic rate tax, meaning that your contribution will have a basic rate tax credit added to it by HM Revenue and Customs. This is the case, even if you currently have no income.

The opportunities to develop your own pension arrangements have never been better. You should remember that inflation could erode the value of your pension in the future, so it’s important to review your pension provision on a regular basis to ensure your contributions will be enough to help you live the retirement you want.


We will discuss and assess your needs  to find out which scheme is best for your individual circumstances. We will cover all the options available including stakeholder, personal and self-invested personal pensions.

Retirement planning
During our initial consultation, we will work with you to understand your financial goals.We take the time to gather all the information needed to implement the right long-term solution and help you select the best option to turn your pension into a retirement income.

Whether you want to retire with a lump-sum, monthly or yearly payments, or re-invest for your family, we will find the best the annuity rates for you to ensure you are able to achieve your financial goals.

Our independent financial advisers are on stand-by to guide you on all financial areas in divorce, particularly the implementation of pension sharing orders and the legal assistance to facilitate this.


Does a pension have any effect on my state benefit?
A personal pension in no way effects your state pension. As a tax paying citizen, you are legally entitled to this regardless of your financial situation.

Will I receive all my paperwork for reference?
Two copies of every piece of paperwork will be mailed out to you: one copy for you to check, sign and return, the other for you to keep for your records.

What happens if my situation changes?
For simple amendments to your details, our independent financial advisers can implement and confirm these over the phone. For larger changes that may directly or indirectly affect your investments and pensions, we suggest you arrange a meeting with your independent financial adviser as soon as it’s convenient.

I’m very busy and don’t have much time for planning my weekend, let alone my retirement!
We aim to make the whole process as simple as possible at every stage. We can plan the initial consultation with you at your place of work or find a convenient time to call and go through the process with you over the phone. We can guide you through and oversee all of the paperwork to make sure it’s completed properly, as well as handling all the admin with the pension provider. As independent, trusted financial advisers, we pride ourselves in making the whole process as clear-cut and simple as possible.


At Adler Financial Planning, our trusted independent financial advisers can provide you with the skills and choices to implement your own financial strategy, from inception through to execution. We do this by strictly honouring our service promise to:

  • Understand YOUR needs and to listen and reply in simple and concise English, without the use of jargon
  • Remain transparent, upfront and forthwith regarding our costs and fees
  • Present clear documentation outlining our services
  • Offer only those services that meet your needs and financial objectives
  • Present written confirmation of our recommendations
  • Provide a worthwhile service for life

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